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Manraj Ubhi - 5 signs it's time to rebrand
Graphic Design

5 signs it’s time to rebrand

Brands often have ways to tell you when it’s time for a rebrand. Sometimes it has grown too big and needs to address its’ audience

Manraj Ubhi - Building a brand
Graphic Design

Building a brand

A brand is more than just a cool logo or well-placed advertising. Your brand is defined by a customers overall perception of your business. A

Manraj Ubhi - Everyone thinks they're a designer
Graphic Design

Everyone thinks they’re a designer

Everyone is a graphic designer, or at least they think they are. “I’ve got Photoshop! I’m now a graphic designer!”  Okay, so I’ve had this

Manraj Ubhi - Sketching matters
Graphic Design

Sketching Matters

Sketching is an excellent way for you to quickly design concepts. Working with tight deadlines, I often find that using a rough sketches gets me