Elite Drummers

Creating a brand system and language using existing assets.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Elite drummers offer a wide range of services including wedding entrances, stage performances and corporate events including workshops.

The challenge was to create an identity system and marketing material that added to their already existing brand. 

Designing and optimising all online and offline material including various brochures, merchandise (t-shirts and sweatshirts), and image library to increase awareness whilst setting up the brand to be the leader in the Asian wedding industry. 

Coming up with a concept that gave each drummer a personality through the use of illustrative figures that represented each drummer, gave a new dynamic when it came to having a presence on stage. It became instantly recognisable throughout the industry and a talking point with members of family in attendance. 

As the brand grew, so did the interest in people wanting to learn. 

The next challenge was to design and create supporting material for the Elite Academy which entailed creating promotional flyers and merchandise, exhibition stand material, new student welcome packs and syllabus folders.

Elite Drummers showreel 2017


Brochure design

"...create an identity system and marketing material that added to their already existing brand."

Character representation of each member

Snapchat filter design

Flyer design – Academy promotion

Welcome pack – Academy

Exhibition roll-up banners


Elite Drummers


Identity language



Print & Digital