Manraj Ubhi - Everyone thinks they're a designer

Everyone thinks they’re a designer

Everyone is a graphic designer, or at least they think they are.

“I’ve got Photoshop! I’m now a graphic designer!” 

Okay, so I’ve had this in the font of my mind for some time now, debating whether or not to write it. For those of you who know me, will know how strongly I feel on this topic.

Not wanting to sound self-righteous or put anyone down but I can’t help think that the graphic design industry is one that everyone thinks they can dip their toe into. This devalues the whole industry but the effects of these ‘toe-dippers’ is harming countless number of businesses in the process!

So, why do so many people think they are graphic designers?

With the availability of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, your next door neighbour, barber or your friend’s son will all tell you how easy it is. How you can do it yourself or the ‘I can do it for you, it’s easy’. What’s worse is the websites that offer you a design package for a ‘Fiver’ (*coughs*)! 

Let me try put this into context – how many of you would let an ‘accountant’ with no qualifications sign your important documents? You wouldn’t would you? You would much rather choose a professional who has years of experience and knowledge, right? Why would you not commission a professional graphic designer to design your brand identity?

Maybe people just don’t know what a graphic designer does. Or would it be down to money – they aren’t willing to invest, which is what it is, an investment, into the success of their business.

Either way, people and business owners alike probably don’t realise how much they can damage their chances of business success and growth.

For example, on the weekends, my time is spent in and amongst the Indian wedding industry in the UK as a drummer. As you can imagine, I come across a variety of businesses from caterers, event organisers, DJ roadshows, guest entertainment such as musicians, photographers etc, and as stereotypical as it may sound, majority of Indians just aren’t willing to put money back into their identity.

According to an article from the Business Insider, the Indian wedding industry was estimated to be at £12bn in 2017 and it’s still growing! You would think with the amount of money generated, business would invest back into their identity. Imagine how much more the industry can grow if things were done correctly.

I’m sure this is probably the same in many different cultures and industries – I’ve just given an example from personal experience.

Business owners – below I’m going to try and explain what value professional graphic designers can bring to your business.

What exactly is a graphic designer?

A professional graphic designer has more than just knowledge of Photoshop. Graphic designers are visual problem solvers. We have trained comprehensively through all areas of design, colour and typography. Understanding how people will interact, perceive and react with your business.

Why use a professional graphic designer?

When I work with a client, I take the time to understand their goals, likes, dislikes; I try and work out what their business’ pain points are, and whilst all this is taking place, the creative part of my brain is interpreting this information and formulating ideas to address these points. Then I move into the design and sketching phase (my previous blog post shows how important it is to sketch), showing the client visual representations of their soon to be identity.

The design your friend created or the one you bought for next to nothing may look pretty but it probably hasn’t gone through this phase. It won’t convey your business ideas or its’ tone of voice – it’s generic and static. As your business grows, your logo will now. Eventually, you’ll realise that you need a professional to redesign/correct the flaws. 


Going down the ‘cheap and cheerful’ route will inevitably mean you’ll end up investing more in the long run.

Hire a professional from the start, you won’t regret it. Yes, it may be more expensive, but are you willing to sacrifice how your business is perceived just so you don’t spend the extra few £££’s? From day one, your business will look professional and tailored to your audience!

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