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Rules of Brand Strategy
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The 6 Rules of Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is always a moving target and it doesn’t matter how many strategies you have in place, whether you’re big or small, new or

The History of Apples Logo - Manraj Ubhi
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The history of Apple’s logo

We’re all familiar with what Apple’s logo looks like now, but it wasn’t always as simple as it looks today. It went from a complicated illustration

Don't say these to your graphic designer - Manraj Ubhi
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What not to say to your graphic designer

Theres a running joke about “what not to say to graphic designers” and I came to experience these first hand. Here are a few of my favourites/hates.

3 Myths about branding - Manraj Ubhi
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3 Myths About Branding

When I was freelancing full-time I heard this term get thrown about. A lot. A term that some believe they know all about. That term

Manraj ubhi - Is my logo good enough?
Graphic Design

Is my logo good enough?

Is there a difference in value of a £50 logo and a £50,000 logo? Does it make sense? These days you can get a custom-made

Manraj Ubhi - Creating a timeless brand
Graphic Design

Creating a timeless brand

A brand identity is the visual identity of a brand as a whole – the colours, design, logo, name, typography etc. How your audience associates

Manraj Ubhi - The other 10 commandments
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The Other 10 Commandments

Most advertising rules are made to be broken, and foregoing are no exception. However, these guidelines are a foundation for attractive, clear consumer…