Manraj Ubhi - Sketching matters

Sketching Matters

Sketching is an excellent way for you to quickly design concepts. Working with tight deadlines, I often find that using a rough sketches gets me through a various ideas, concepts and iterations. 

I started my design days through the art of calligraphy from the age of 9 – way before I knew what it was and how much I’d appreciate a once dying art-form. 

Sketching letterforms and attempting still life has been with me ever since and has helped me see the real world differently. Makes me ask questions like why so and so chose to take this approach in their design etc. 

It’s amazing how much sketching can help you find your own style, just by using your hands you can create designs that others can’t mimic. It’s a way for me to think out loud and have my ideas put down onto one place or side-by-side.

Though I have now invested into an iPad Pro for note-taking and sketching, I still find myself going back to a pencil if it’s within arm’s reach. It’s the feeling of the graphite rubbing away against the paper. 

Sketching doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s simply a way to jot down all your ideas then grab the best bits from across the concepts to best fit the direction of the project at hand. It’s that much more exciting to bring it to life on the computer! 

On your next project, try and consider sketching out on paper first and see where your train of thought takes you!